Monday, 21 May 2012

On Baby wearing

One of the items I most wanted in terms of baby gear was a baby carrier.  I think sometimes attachment parenting can be a little hippy dippy wackadoodle, but there are elements that I like. Mostly, the idea of having our baby close to me, but still having the use of both hands was very appealing. I'd read that it was a great way to calm babies. Also living in a third floor (2nd floor English style) flat meant that not having to haul our stroller around was a big plus too.

I did some research on the various available styles.  Ross had some strong opinions on carriers. Namely, he really didn't like the traditional style.

As he put it, he wouldn't want to be carried that way, so why would he carry the baby like that.  Add to this the fact that most of the people we would see wearing them looked incredibly awkward and uncomfortable. I can only assume they are wearing it incorrectly because the baby dangles down between their legs by their crotch, rather than up on the tummy.  

So I set out to find something different for us to use.  I knew friends that had tried the Moby and loved it, but was put off by tales of it being complicated.  I knew that we'd both be less likely to use something that was hard to use.  Eventually I found the Babasling.  I added it to our wishlist and hoped that it would be a good solution for us.  I didn't want to be one of those mommies that ended up with several discarded baby items before finding "the one".  I was so excited when my aunt and uncle purchased the sling for us and looked forward to using it.
One month photo shoot

Now that Linus is nearing 3 months old, I can say that this sling is easily one of our most used pieces of baby gear.  I LOVE using it for quick trips to the grocery store.  I walk to the store and then can carry the shopping home and up the stairs without wrestling a stroller too.  I've worn it around the house too when Linus is a bit fussy and I need to get things (like dishes, laundry, or even eating lunch) done.  I have worn it on longer trips too, but haven't quite figured out a great way to carry the diaper bag along with the baby in a sling as it's a bit awkward.  

One of the most fun side-effects of baby-wearing is one that I hadn't anticipated.  Other people LOVE it!  I get such reaction from people- of all ages- when I wear Linus.  People coo and smile at us when they see his little head sticking out.  They ask to peek in when he's nestled up sleeping.  It's a much bigger reaction than I get when we're out with the stroller.  Some of my mommy friends were complaining that people weren't oohing and aahing over their babies whilst out and about and I told them that slings were the way to go!  I don't know if it's the novelty of it (you don't see many people wearing babies here), or just that it's more visible than if the baby is nestled out of the way in a stroller.

Waiting for the tram, on the way to the Duck Race

I wore Linus when we went into town to see the Duck Race this year and I've never seen so many smiling faces.  Ross and I were joking that we should take pictures of people's reactions because it's just so much fun.  It's great to know that Linus brings a little bit of joy to the world at large- and not just to his two love-struck parents.  

I have so many people ask me about the sling- and not just mothers!  A man about my dad's age was totally fascinated by it the other day, asking me all kinds of questions about how it works, the safety, the comfort, etc.  I've turned into quite the Babasling Ambassador*!  

I'm looking forward to trying a few different positions as Linus gets older-especially the outward facing ones.  I'll be intrigued to see if it continues to be a good solution as he gets bigger and heavier.  For the time being it's great and I only get a sore back if I wear him for exceptionally long time periods or distances.  I'm so pleased that something I anticipated loving and using a lot has worked so well for us.  

I think my favorite reaction I've gotten so far was when I walked past some students getting out of class.  A young boy- about 12 or so- who should have been too cool to notice a little baby saw us.  He cracked a huge smile, and yelled out to me "That is well cute!"  (For my American readers, "well" is a British slang/slightly street way of saying "very, super, or totally".)  

Do you baby-wear?
What's your carrier of choice?
Have you ever had high hopes for a product?  Did it meet the expectation or let you down?

*Just to be clear, this is a made up/self-given title and Babasling do not know who I am.  My sling was purchased by my awesome Aunt and Uncle as a gift after we'd put it on our Amazon UK Wishlist.  I just am really happy with it, and like to share what works for us.

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  1. I love baby wearing! I wore my son until he was over 2, and still wear my 13 month old probably every day at some point. I loved my ring sling when she was little, then switched to the Beco, which is awesome. Ergo is good too.